Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two STVO Universe Events on Anime Central Weekend

If you're in Chicago (well Rosemont, IL technically) get ready for one awesome weekend for Otaku, Nerds, Geeks, the WWE Universe, and Point-Dexters! Anime Central 2012 (the 15th anniversary!) takes places from April 27-April 29! Sunday, April 29th will be WWE's Extreme Rules PPV headlined by John Cena taking on the returning Brock Lesnar, a former 3 time WWE world champion and former UFC World Heavyweight champion.

In honor of this "EXTREMELY EPIC WEEKEND!" I will be holding two separate events that will both help open and even end your Anime Central Weekend.

The first event is the Pre-Anime Central Mitsuwa Meet-Up! My friends and I will be there dining on awesome Japanese food, picking up some last minute groceries for ACen, and mingling. Perhaps we could all play some 3DS/DS games against one another.  I will be there from 11 am to 1 pm, so feel free to say hi. I will attempt to stand out by cosplaying as PeeWee Herman!

The second event will be the WWE Extreme Rules ACen Cosplayers Pre-Show Huddle.  Meet with me and several other cosplayers and/or WWE fans attending the WWE Extreme Rules PPV event. Chat/mingle/predict matches and even start some "Yes!" chants or maybe some "Woo Woo Woo" chants. Maybe even get the DiBiase Posse or the attention of by going to this event in costume? Either way, this event will be an epic PPV.

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