Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Danny Phnatom 100% Complete!

Finally finished my costume! Special thanks to my mom for her helping me make my belt! It looks very awesome! I hope it comes off good at the convention!


Now that it is complete, I would like to let you know that also coming up this week I will be paying a tribute to Fox's 25th Anniversary by doing a two part-special of the top shows to ever air on their channel, a video review of The Cabin in the Woods, and a video of a fundraiser I'm apart of! Stay tuned everyone!
Now for two special shout outs!

The first one is for my friend's website, The Fan Riot!  It's a comic, movie, and entertainment podcast! A good listen, be sure to check it out!

Second shout out, someone I met at C2E2 named Lauren! I recommend you all go check out her website The Daily Hey Now!  From what I have visited, it's a good site and she does a very nice write-up of last weekend's C2E2 event in Chicago! It also has a Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/TheDailyHeyNow. If you fan, tell her STVO sent you. :)

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