Sunday, April 15, 2012

Svengoolie Mentions My Cosplay!

I was at C2E2 this weekend and met Chicago's very own Svengoolie! Richard Koz is a very kind and funny man and had lots of fans waiting in line. I remembered him from back when I was a kid when he hosted the "the Ko-Zone."  Svengoolie was signing autographs and taking photos with his fans on Saturday.

From Svengoolie's very website, here is what he had to say:

"... It’s always amazing when certain things happen at these events- one gentleman brought with a picture of me, with a small baby. He revealed that it was taken 15 years ago at one of the old “TV Land” stores where I did some appearances- and that the teenager with him was the baby in the photo!
Plenty of costumed folks came by as well- including a Pee Wee Herman lookalike, complete with “Globy”, his world globe pal! These events always have some amazing costumed guests wandering around- we saw a great “Mysterio” from Spider-Man, several Wonder Women, quite a few Supermen (some to whom spandex was not entirely kind), and a complete set of Ghostbusters along with Gozer! ..."

Thanks for mentioning me! For you readers out there in Illinois, check out Svengoolie at 9:00 PM Central every Saturday on Me-TV. For other viewers, please check your local listings for Svengoolie airings.

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