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WWE Extreme Rules Predictions

The “Most Extreme Night of the Year” is this Sunday and myself and other cosplayers will be there live! This is the night where there’s allegedly No DQs, no count-outs, and weapons are permitted.  Being there personally, I hope they battle near the cosplayers at this event, as it would be a major honor to be on TV, lol, if not oh well. BTW, if you’re going to be at the event, come to the Pre-Show Huddle!  The current plan is to have us line-up towards the entrance closest to the Target store.

I’m getting ready for ACen so this predictions thread won’t have the fancy picture graphics like I did with WrestleMania, but I do plan on going more out on my live Extreme Rules report. Without further ado, here are my thoughts and predictions!

So, starting with WrestleMania earlier this month, it appears WWE has now decided to do the free Internet match before a PPV similar to UFC doing that with some of their fights. I for one welcome this approach.  It’s a nice change, as I like seeing people who don’t make the main card have something to do.  WWE used to do this back when they had “Sunday Night Heat” on USA Network.  Anyway about this match, no real build-up to it and sort of surprised they didn’t go with Santino vs. David Otunga as those two have been feuding since the build to WrestleMania 28 with the whole GM vs. GM feud, but whatever.  As far as this match goes, it can be an okay bout.  According to my ticket the event starts at 6:45 PM while the PPV begins at 7:00 PM. I’m predicting we’ll see a 5-10 minute match, no more no less.  I guess I will go with Santino retaining, as I currently don’t see any hints of The Miz being pushed soon. Whatever works I guess.

Who I Want To Win: Either I guess.           Who I Think Will Win: Santino Marella.

Intercontinental Championship Match – The Big Show © vs. Cody Rhodes
One of the first matches in what helps me refer to Extreme Rules/Backlash as “WrestleMania 28.5” or whatever the PPV that year is.  From what I see this match has no stipulation, um, are they going to add one or is it assumed that they can brawl anywhere?  Anyway, the outcome just seems like it’s going to be The Big Show. They had a good match at WrestleMania and I’m glad Big Show had his WrestleMania moment, but to me this is just a match to kill time. It’s fine I guess, but nothing really to get me pumped up. I see no reason for The Big Show to lose the title back.

Who I Want To Win: Big Show                  Who I Think Will Win: Big Show

 Falls Count Anywhere Match: Randy Orton vs. Kane
This is another match that seems to be added just to kill time.  That’s okay, I have enjoyed all of their previous matches they have had. Adding Bob Orton to the storyline has done little to spark my interest, all I ask of this match is for some good weapon usage, for these two men to brawl over the arena, and hopefully come by my fellow cosplayers and I while brawling. Is that too much to ask?  This will end the feud once and for all and despite Orton getting his win back from Kane on a rematch on Smackdown, I see Orton going over as the face beating Kane on a PPV to satisfy him.

Who I Want To Win: Kane              Who I Think Will Win: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match – Best 2 of 3 Falls: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus ©
Anyone remember me predicting these two having a great match at Mania? I was so pissed they had no time!  Honestly, the WHC and WWE Championships shouldn’t have that kind of humor in the match. To me it was as bad as them being bumped to dark match last year.  WWE is confusing me with their plan on Daniel Bryan. On one hand, it seems like they’re mostly trying to sweep him under the carpet and have Alberto Del Rio be the top heel on Smackdown but on the other hand they seem to be really trying to make “Yes! Yes! Yes!” a new phenomenon (which my group most definitely will be chanting at Extreme Rules and quite possibly Anime Central as well!)

Anyway, as long as we don’t see Daniel Bryan get screwed in one of the two falls (18 seconds or whatever BS) I’ll be happy. I don’t see him winning the title back at all and that’s perfectly fine, but let’s have him and Sheamus give us an awesome 2 or 3 falls match where they tear it up and deliver! Not sure if this one will fight into the crowds or not, I’m fine either way; just give us some great wrestling please. Sheamus wins and starts his new WHC feud with Alberto Del Rio while Daniel Bryan feuds with someone in the midcard?

Who I Want To Win: Daniel Bryan (No Offense Sheamus)          
Who I Think Will Win: Sheamus

WWE Championship - Chicago Street Fight Match: CM Punk © vs. Chris Jericho
These guys tore the house up at WrestleMania 28! Besides maybe HHH-Undertaker, this was my favorite match at WrestleMania! Overall I have been enjoying the feud but with this week’s Raw with the sobriety test (BORING segment!) and the previous week’s hint of CM Punk drinking at a London pub, it has started to get dull.  None of us believe that Punk is really going to drink; we know those stories that Chris Jericho mentioned are real and mostly have influenced Punk with his real life decisions.  I like the idea of Chris Jericho trying to get CM Punk to drink and get depressed, as he has currently been his only opponent to get inside of Punk’s head. Well regardless of the storyline, it should be another great match.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see CM Punk bring more booze to the match and the two crashing bottles amongst each other’s heads, but we’ll see.

Anyway, a lot of predictions are going around thinking CM Punk will finally lose his belt.  I’m agreeing with these sentiments.  My reasons: 1. Chris Jericho hasn’t done too much in terms of victories since his “epic return” to the WWE. I think he’s going to want to be repaid at one point. 2. CM Punk had his big Chicago hometown victory at last year’s Money in the Bank. WWE doesn’t always allow the hometown hero retain! Chris Jericho will finally get his next WWE Championship victory and hold it either up until WWE Over the Limit or whatever the June PPV is.  That way he can take the time off and tour with his band Fozzy. Anyway, I think this will be the top match on the card if they don’t want to let Sheamus-Daniel Bryan be the one.

Who I Want To Win: CM Punk (It’s Chicago!)      Who I Think Will Win: Jericho

Main Event: Extreme Rules Match – John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar has returned to the WWE and they’re milking every opportunity they can with him! Can you blame them? $5 million for one year, limited appearance, a lot of potential mainstream/UFC fan appeal. Of course you have him return ASAP! Yes, I will agree that John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar probably should be saved for a bigger event or have more hype to it, but like they say, you have to strike iron while it’s hot!  It’s going to be interesting to see how Chicago reacts to Brock Lesnar. I was surprised Detroit were chanting “Brock’s a Bitch” and were rooting for John Cena when he came out on the last segment on Raw this Monday.  Chicago each time I have attended has mostly been an anti-Cena crowd.  I personally will root for Lesnar and predict everyone else will do the same.

As far as the match goes, I don’t know if it will be great to be honest. It’s good that it’s Extreme Rules (well that’s the PPV name after all) but with Brock returning to wrestling, it will be interesting to see how well he holds up. I think it would be cool if he uses some of his UFC arsenal to take out Cena.  I’m in belief that Brock will defeat Cena this Sunday, as I just couldn’t see him return just to lose right away.  If I were the WWE, I’d have this match be a storyline reason for Cena to take some time off as he has been working real hard for the company and hardly takes a break. Let Brock take him out, go through others on the roster, and then have Cena return.

Who I Want To Win: Brock Lesnar             Who I Think Will Win: Brock Lesnar

That is all for my predictions, tune in next week as I will try to make a video or at least my thoughts of the show and let you know what I thought about it live!

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