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Welcome to The STVO Universe Anime Central Sneak Preview!  I assume most of you reading this have been to Anime Central before but for those that haven’t and might be going for the first time; get ready for lots of fun, laughs, and a convention experience unlike most others.  Anime Central is celebrating its 15th year anniversary at the Hyatt Regency in Rosemont, IL and it will be holding multiple events all over the surrounding Rosemont hotels as well as the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.  ACen allows you to embrace your inner geek or just show off all your geekiness among other nerds, gamers, and otakus.  There are vendors, a large artist alley, multiple panels in relation to anime/video games/J-Pop fashion/etc., cosplayers (including sexy lady ones), and lots more!

I have been going to Anime Central since 2002. Because I missed two years this will be my 9th year and I am really looking forward to it! Personally, what I like most about ACen is the passion of everyone there be it for their interests in a certain series, their dedication to a cosplay, or the sense of humor and mostly laid back attitude of everyone there.  You can always expect random moments of people dancing to a Rick Roll, a confrontation of two cosplayers of characters from rivaling series, or people shouting random Internet memes. I have made lots of friends both at Anime Central and the Anime Central Facebook group and for me I want to say I am thankful that such conventions like this exist.

Here are a few panels/guests/events I am looking forward to/might attend (look for some of my own cheap promotion too!):

·      The Yu Yu Hakusho Photoshoot
·      The Crystal Ball (Where my date and I will be dressed as Cat Woman and Two Face!)
·      Hellsing Hentai: After Dark (I like Hellsing, should be interesting to see how this goes)
·      Christopher Sabat!!!!
·      Johnny Yong Bosch!!!
·      Possibly watching more anime including: Gunslinger Girl, Puss N Boots
·      Batman Photoshoot
·      Classic Nintendo Photoshoot
·      Anime Voice Over Panel
·     The Soap Bubble (???)
·      Some Karaoke Perhaps
 ·      Lots more!!

Now some special shout-outs as requested on the Anime Central Facebook Page and one of my own:

·      Little Brass Bird!
·      Foreign Expressions (Booth 1231 in Donald E. Stephens?)
·      My Buddy Norman L.!

·      The Final Fantasy MMO Panel: Saturday, 630-930 PM at the Doubletree Hotel.
·      Courtesy of Emi Chan: The people of Cedar Rapids, Iowa!!!

Reminder: Everyone with a smartphone (Droid/iPhone), download the free Guidebook app! After you download that app, download the Anime Central Guide!

Some final notes:
·      Here are two masquerade skits I participated in.



·      Here are a look of my cosplays this year:
·      If you can, please help me raise money for MS by visiting this link here. I will be participating in a walk for MS on May 6th. Check out my video here.

That’s all for my Anime Central Preview! I really look forward to help celebrating the 15th Anime Central! If you have to line-up Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, GET THERE EARLY!!!! I hope you will stop by Mitsuwa tomorrow and say hi! I’ll be dressed as PeeWee Herman.

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