Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Guide to Unoffiial Events at Anime Central

Hello everyone, STVO here with an actual website update (yeah, haven't updated since January and primarily up on Facebook, lol.)  Anyway, Anime Central is this week and while there are plenty of great things going on at the con, there's many other things that are going on the "Unofficial 4th Day of Anime Central" which we know as Thursday.  There's also at least one going on after Anime Central too (but connected to an now official Anime Central event.) For details about the official Anime Central events, be sure to go to or download the Guidebook app on your smart phone or tablet and get the Anime Central 2013 guide, but for the unofficial fun, read on here!!!!

THURSDAY: Of course I'm going to start off with an event hosted by myself. ;D  Anyway, this is my second gathering at Mitsuwa as the first one had a positive turn out and this one is looking to be better. Come join me and many others as we socialize over lunch and get our Japanese food fix as we head over to the big event.  Event will be taking place from 1-3 at the Mitsuwa Market in Arlington Heights. More details here!

THURSDAY: It may not be an official event, but it's been a long-standing event at Anime Central through the official ACen.Org Message Boards (  If you're a message board regular  or haven't even been on the page before, it's an open event going on from the lower area of the Hyatt Regency O'Hare Hotel under the "Glass Stairway".  More details here and here

THURSDAY (21+): Going into it's third year, the late night Meet n Greet offers a social event for the older con-goers.  This year will be even better as it moves to a closer to the Hyatt location of Kings in the Park at Rosemont!  Come chat, drink, eat, or bowl with one of the hottest parties before the big party we know as ACen itself.  The event starts at 9. More details here! 

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: There will be many room parties but this one was requested to be posted.  There will be drinking and so therefore you must be 21+ to participate. More details about this event here

FRIDAY: Gather with some other creatures of the undead for this photoshoot.  Contains Resident Evil, High School of the Dead, and more.  Please click the link here for more details.

SATURDAY:  The crew of Street Pass Chicago will be holding a gathering on Saturday.  Please check their Facebook page for more details! Click here!

SUNDAY: In addition to WWE Cosplay Day (which is now an official event at ACen for the Cosplay Photoshoot), WWE Extreme Rules is that night on Pay-Per-View.  The PPV starts at 7:00 PM CST and after Anime Central, I will be holding a meet-up at Chicago City Limits in Schaumburg. I am going to try and be there around 5-6:00 (tables fill up!) Information for both Cosplay Day and the Meet up can be found here!

That's it for what I have been posted.  Be sure to follow the Anime Central Facebook Page for other gatherings not posted in the Official Program or Guidebook App.  If you liked this article, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to be read more of my opinions and see some of my other projects! Thanks for reading!

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