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WWE Night of Champions Predictions

           (Started writing on Thursday, finished writing on the 16th) This weekend is WWE Night of Champions, the Pay-Per-View where every WWE championship title is defended.  Personally I think that should happen on every PPV but then again there are 6 titles in the WWE it would be an awful lot of matches that were strictly title matches each PPV. Maybe they should cut back on the number of titles? Anyway, that’s really another topic for another day. The Pay Per View is looking decent and it is on my birthday (September 16th) but I am choosing to celebrate that day with some friends instead of catching the Pay Per View. With that said, I decided with the lack of site updates that it was time I made an update before my birthday weekend begins. So with that said, here are my thoughts and predictions for this weekend’s Pay-Per-View.

YouTube Pre-Show Battle Royal – Winner Gets United States Championship Title Shot That Night Against Antonio Caesaro ©: The WWE has a large roster and without any official names and number of contenders listed, I really don’t know how to predict this one.  Christian previously won the last No. 1 Contender Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship. This along with him apparently getting time off the road leads me to think that he won’t be appearing in this bout.  Since Santino lost the title to Antonio Caesaro and they kind of have been continuing with the feud, I’m just going to pick him as my predicted winner. Someone I think that should/needs to be elevated is Tyson Kidd. Even if he didn’t win the title after the battle royal, just this match leading to a feud between him and Antonio and just putting him as a more high profile star would make me happy.  Either way, I doubt any of these winners will defeat Antonio for the title right away as WWE seems to have faith in him.

Who I Want To Win The Battle Royal: Tyson Kidd
Who I Think Will Win The Battle Royal: Santino Marella
Who I Want to Win the Title Match: Antonio Caesaro
Who I Think Will Win the Title Match: Antonio Caesaro

WWE Divas Championship Match – Layla © vs. Kaitlyn: Another Divas match that I don’t care about. Because I feel like I’ve been negative on every Divas match on my PPV predictions, I’ve decided to say at least one thing positive about this match/feud: The Eve Torres playing Ms. Nice Lady during this feud is kind of interesting I suppose. Other than that… Next Please!

Who I Want To Win: :Shrugs:            Who Will Win: New Divas Champion, Kaitlyn

WWE Intercontinental Championship Fatal Four –Way – The Miz © vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara: Added on Friday Night Smackdown, this should be a fun match.  Cody has worked well with Rey and Sin Cara for the matches in their feuds and The Miz himself is a pretty good worker too.  Personally, I don’t think we will see a title change in this match. Rumor has it, that WWE wants to continue to have Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara team up in matches and possibly square off at WrestleMania 29.  I don’t think any serious tension will happen with the two tonight (it’s too early) but the next title reign I see for Rey and Sin Cara’s first title will likely be the WWE tag-team championship at some point.  There’s a chance the belt may transition off of The Miz to Cody Rhodes, but personally, I just don’t see it happening with these recent strings of long last title reigns in the WWE (which I hope continue to happen!)  So I’m just going with Miz.

Who I Want To Win: The Miz Who I Think Will Win: The Miz

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler: What’s this?!? A Non-Title match on WWE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS?!?!? Blasphemy I sez!  Anyway, this should be a good match. They had a match not too long ago on Raw that I thought was pretty solid and honestly, they are getting more time so they can only improve.  Dolph got a victory over Randy on Raw and he did lose to Chris Jericho at SummerSlam. There’s still time to him to lose a few matches to make him look vulnerable until he cashes in his Money in the Bank Briefcase (which may very well be on the PPV!)   Randy Orton has had a bit of losing streak since returning from his suspension. He’s lost to Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler as well, so I don’t think the WWE wants him to lose too much more times considering he is still a popular fan favorite.  While I always prefer Dolph Ziggler to Randy in terms of ring skills (and will select him as my who I want to win), it’s not a big deal as they need to have the briefcase holder lose before he cashes in and wins. So this victory will go towards Randy!

Who I Want To Win: Dolph Ziggler  Who I Think Will Win: Randy Orton

WWE Tag- Team Championship Match – R-Truth/Kofi Kingston © vs. Kane/Daniel Bryan: Starting this off, I’ll admit I didn’t like the Anger Management sessions these two were having up until Kane delivered the hilarious promo about his problems throughout life and the WWE (including electrocuting someone’s testicles.) Once that promo happened and Daniel Bryan and Kane were forced to “HUG IT OUT” and team up in tag-team matches.  Good comedy right there and while I wish Daniel Bryan was a world champ or at least in the title scene right now, this program gives them something to do and keep both men that I’m a fan of relevant.  Onto the tag- team match itself, while I really wanted to see the Prime Time Players finally win the tag-titles (I think they’re hilarious and one of the truly best teams in the WWE right now… not that there’s many others) I was getting tired of seeing them square off against R-Truth and Kofi Kingston and continuously losing.  Anyway, while I’d rather have people that actually are tag-teams team up instead of thrown together teams like this one, Daniel Bryan and Kane make a great comedic team. They might even have a few good tag-matches and I know the WWE seems to enjoy tag-teams with tension more often than not these days.  With that said and with Kofi/R-Truth boring me as a team, I see a title change happening tonight and it should be glorious!

Who I Want to Win: Kane and Daniel Bryan       
Who I Think Will Win: Kane and Daniel Bryan

World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus © vs. Alberto Del Rio: It’s September and this feud is STILL going on?!?! End it already!!! I was bored with their Money in the Bank match and thought their SummerSlam match was just okay. The feud has done nothing for me as I don’t think Sheamus and Del Rio have good tension.  The addition of the Brogue Kick being banned was a decent idea for this match however Sheamus already had a strong entourage of moves in his set such as White Noise and the Razor’s Edge (not sure what they called it for him.) I like his new Irish Clover Leaf submission, however like I’ve talked to a friend in a wrestling group I post on Facebook with, he said he should have debuted that finisher at the PPV if they plan on having him win with it rather than use it on David Otunga during TV tapings. Right now they’re just hyping that Sheamus may be weak in this match without the Brogue Kick but now that they have shown him doing the new submission, one would think he’ll just win that way. They may throw us a curve ball by having Alberto Del Rio win (which with his stale character, I hope not) or a Dolph Ziggler MITB cash-in (I’m predicting they’ll wait.) Just let Sheamus win and find this man a new opponent please!

Who I Want To Win: Sheamus           Who I Think Will Win: Sheamus

WWE Championship Match – CM Punk © vs. John Cena: All good things must come to an end. Yes, I’m hinting that it will be time to end the reign of CM Punk unfortunately. I’m really hoping it won’t happen but considering it is in John Cena’s hometown, considering it has been several months since Cena hasn’t been a world champion in any capacity, I think it is time. Paul Heyman is now a new factor in this feud (which for me has really turned things around for this feud that I wasn’t really into before) but I think he will play a factor after the match somehow.  Any other person, I’m sure Paul Heyman would cause that person to lose to CM Punk, but this is John Cena we’re talking about here, WWE always has him find some way to win the match to make the ages 4-11 demographic happy and piss off the rest of the internet.  I don’t think this will end their feud, especially since I’m sure WWE would love the idea of doing a Hell in a Cell match between John Cena-CM Punk (which I’d enjoy as well) for the next PPV.  While I think it’s inevitable we see this title change hands, I’m not betting any money, so I won’t be upset if I’m wrong on this prediction.  On top of that, even Cena’s hometown crowd boos him.

Who I Want To Win: CM Punk           Who I Think Will Win: John Cena

Thank you for reading my Night of Champions Predictions.   I’m hoping to do more updates in the future. Follow me on Facebook for news on my next updates. Have a good Sunday everybody!

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