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WWE Over The Limit Predictions

This Sunday, WWE will be holding the PPV “Over the Limit.”  I guess this one has earned its name due to the “Beat the Clock” matches that were held prior to the PPV even though they only did it for the Raw championship match. Oh well. Anyway the PPV is this Sunday and to be honest I am split on how I feel.  On one hand we have a match that could easily steal the show and if allowed the time, could be a match of the year candidate with CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan and then we have John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis. The last match I am NOT looking forward to at all.  My friends and I will be dining and watching the PPV at Fox and the Hound this Sunday, so if you care to join, please RSVPhere! And now onto the predictions!

Over The Limit YouTube Pre-Show Opener - Zack Ryder vs. Kane: Does anyone still remember this feud? Does anyone want to? I was interested to see where the WWE was going with Zack Ryder being affiliated with John Cena in his feud against Kane, which lead to Zack getting “serious injuries” which had him in a wheel chair and more. Then of course this lead to Eve Torres turning heel by proving she’s nothing but a “hoeski” who was manipulating Zack and even attempted to manipulate John Cena during the feud with Kane.  Honestly, I thought they were going to let the Zack-Kane aspect go because Kane started feuding with Randy Orton.  At Extreme Rules during Orton and Kane’s backstage brawl, the “Woo Woo Kid” came out and started attacking Kane during the match.  Personally, I mostly have been watching just Raw lately but I don’t recall much development in their “feud” being developed since the attack at WWE Extreme Rules. Seems to make sense this match is on the Pre-Show instead of the main card.  Kind of disappointing because aside from Cena vs. Laurinaitis, no feuds have been built that entirely well on TV (the tag-team feud has been decent I suppose.)

Anyway, this match could be okay but since it isn’t on the PPV itself I don’t really see the WWE having Zack Ryder pull off an upset victory here.  I wouldn’t object to the idea though only because the mid-card for the WWE has been very weak in recent weeks. Anyway, I’ll go with Kane on this one. I won’t complain either way because I like seeing Kane as a dominant monster but it would be nice to see Ryder get another chance in the higher mid-card.

Who I Want To Win: Zack Ryder               Who I Think Will Win: Kane

WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth © vs. Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler: Kofi and Dolph… These two seem like they’re stuck together for eternity. IMO, one or both should be a lot higher in their careers but on the bright side, at least these two work well together!  Anyway, from a viewer’s stand point I’m very confident this will be a fun to watch match regardless of the time these two teams get.  I’m also happy to see that the WWE Tag-team championship title is being on defended on PPV again as the last time I can remember it happening was WWE TLC. Anyway, I don’t see the “JackDolphs” winning this one as Kofi/R-Truth just won the titles and there are other legitimate teams that can take their belts away including “Tidus O’Neil/Darren Young,” the revamped “Epico/Primo” led by AW, or even the Usos.  One can hope that the WWE will build one of these teams to be a threat?  I’m thinking one or two things will happen following the match: Dolph and Jack Swagger have some tension following the match when they lose or A.W.’s crew (at least Epico/Primo) will run in following the match and attack Kofi/R-Truth saying they want their titles back.

Who I Want To Win: R-Truth/Kofi           Who I Think Will Win: R-Truth/Kofi

WWE Divas Championship Match - Layla © vs. Beth Phoenix: Eh not much to say here really. Both are pretty ladies, they will either put on a decent or boring match.  I’m predicting Beth will win her title back, possibly have a rematch with Layla at No Way Out and hopefully Kharma will return to have the feud we want to see.  Other than that, let’s move on.

Who I Want To Win: Beth Phoenix           Who I Think Will Win: Beth Phoenix

World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way – Sheamus © vs. Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Jericho: Alright, now this is a match I can get behind!  Originally planned to be Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio as Alberto has been getting in altercations with Sheamus prior to his rematch with Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules.  I suppose the WWE felt that their feud wasn’t exciting enough and decided to add Randy Orton and Chris Jericho to the feud to spice things up when Eve Torres added them to the championship match. Personally, I’m all for this decision.  It should be interesting where they will head with this.  For me, I want Chris Jericho to win this match as he made a big return earlier this year but hasn’t really had any victory to justify his return to the WWE.  If he wins this match, he can establish himself as the top heel on Smackdown and could have a feud with Sheamus and/or Randy Orton taunting himself as the best. After Chris Jericho and Sheamus were the final two in the Royal Rumble match earlier this year I thought to myself “man that would make a great feud.”  Right now it seems like with the confrontations on recent TV that Randy Orton and Sheamus have had that those two may start a feud soon. One that may turn Randy Orton heel once again. I wasn’t a big fan of their feud from 2010, but maybe they’ll deliver this time around?  As for Alberto Del Rio, I like the guy and was a big fan of him when he debuted, but he’s been awfully stale for a while now.  Maybe they can figure something interesting for him to do to make him stand out?

Who I Want To Win: Chris Jericho                                    Who I Think Will Win: Sheamus

WWE Championship Match – CM Punk © vs. Daniel Bryan: Okay, I’ll admit the build for this feud has been relatively weak.  Most of CM Punk’s interaction has been with John Laurinaitis (seriously, Johnny L is conflicting with Big Show/John Cena/Punk, ugh..) and then Daniel Bryan has been more focused on AJ Lee.  They’ll have some altercations on Raw, but where are the promos where they rip into each other? That’s what’s missing! It’s okay though; these two don’t really need a big storyline to tear it up in the ring. They’ve had amazing matches on the indies scene and even on Raw and Smackdown earlier this year they tore it up together with what little time they were given.  WWE, do not make this an “18 second match”, hell give it at least more than 5 minutes. Seriously, if this match doesn’t get more than 5 minutes and there’s more on the card following it, I will be tempted to finish up my food, ask for the check then leave.  I’m really hoping this feud continues beyond this PPV but there is a possibility it won’t so if it doesn’t, please let these two tear up the house! I don’t care who wins, I just want to see them rip it up and put on an awesome show! This match is the main reason I decided to go out to watch this PPV, honestly if it weren’t on the card I’d consider skipping this PPV.  So even if every other match sucks on this card, if WWE at least let these two deliver, I’ll be a happy customer!

Who I Want To Win: Either, I guess more towards Punk though.       
Who I Think Will Win: CM Punk

That’s all for my WWE Over The Limit predictions thread! I can’t wait until Sun…. Aw no! There’s this match… :Groans:

Main Event – John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis: Remember when John Cena said he may be taking time off soon following his match with Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules? No, I don’t either.  Seriously though, I thank god I only pay $3 to $5 to go and watch the PPVs at a sports bar as opposed to paying the full $40 to $50 for a PPV.  Also think of the people who bought their tickets to the Pay-Per-View and hearing this is the main event.  I’m sorry to complain. I know that Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin was easily one of the most successful/popular feuds of all-time and Vince McMahon was not a wrestler, but trust me, this is no McMahon/Austin.  I will give the WWE credit that they got me and other people hating John Laurinaitis but to me it’s getting towards “Change the Channel” hatred.  Aside from the HHH/Paul Heyman interactions, the fatal four-way match, and thinking about CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan, the last few weeks of Raw have been pretty weak and I think I can primarily blame it on this feud.  I respect John Cena the person and he can even tear it up in the ring, but this is nothing more than filler. Honestly, he defeated Brock Lesnar just so we can see him feud with Johnny L? I really think Brock Lesnar should have given Cena a serious injury, have him stay out for two months, have him get in a rematch with Cena when that time passes, and Cena gets his victory back.

Just recently on Raw during the promo that was primarily Cena doing Ace Ventura impersonations on Johnny L, they announced that no current WWE superstars can interfere on behalf of John Laurinaitis and if they do he will be fired.  This sounds like an instant victory for John Cena right? Come on guys, it’s pro wrestling, there’s gotta be a catch! A lot of people are speculating a non-contracted WWE star of Batista to return, personally I just don’t see it.  Others (and myself for awhile) were thinking Brock Lesnar would do the run-in but like what’s been mentioned, he is primarily focusing on HHH at this time.  The other scenario is the recently “fired” Big Show.  Why would the Big Show help the man who fired him? It’s wrestling silly, he’s going to help John Laurinaitis out of an ass-kicking from John Cena and get his job back! Then he’ll either be a giant under the control of Laurinaitis or he’ll just be heel on his own once again.  If this is the scenario, I’m just hoping it will let The Big Show have a legit 2-3 month world title reign otherwise to me this is all just pointless. I watch wrestling to see wrestlers fight wrestlers, not have silly BS like this match likely will be. Anyway, I’ll predict a victory for John Laurinaitis.

Who I Want To Win: John Cena   
Who I Think Will Win: Definitely not the viewers. So John Laurinaitis.

Alright, that is all for my WWE Over The Limit predictions! Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more updates! Also if you’re in the area, please join my friends and I for WWE Over The Limit this Sunday atthe Fox & The Hound!

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