Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Facebook Goodies

Hello everyone, I know I do my primary marketing of this site on Facebook and I "assume" most of you find the updates for this site on there but in the event you may not and have found me on Twitter, through a friend, or whatever method (to those I say thank you for helping spread the word!) I have created two all-new photo albums on the STVO Universe Facebook Page

The first album is all of my cosplays I am currently doing and a few from the past! Please check all of those out on my page at this link: Cosplays I Have Done

The second album is a look at various drawings I have done throughout the years: STVO Art!

Look, comment, and share! I always like hearing back from what you guys think of my works.  Also if you use Twitter or YouTube, I do stuff on both of those pages too! Here's my Twitter and here is my YouTube Channel

Now for some quick outside promotion. These sites are from some very cool people I have met and share some similar interests as myself.  So please give them a look and if you comment or contact them, tell them STVO sent you! :D

The Fan Riot
Progressively Agressive
The Daily Hey Now
Little Brass Bird

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