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STVO Wire #3 (2/3/12)

Welcome everyone to the third edition of STVO Wire.  It’s SuperBowl weekend and if you’re hear for my thoughts about the big game this weekend, well you’ll be very disappointed because I got nothing.  Trolololololo.  Despite that, I have plenty of geeky things to say about movies, video games, pro wrestling, and more.  If you haven't done so already, I have posted a review for the 2012 WWE Royal Rumble as well as this weekend's The Lady in Black.


·      Movies/Musicals:  From IGN Movies - Director Robert Zemeckis is looking into a Back to the Future Musical and is in talks with co-writer Bob Gale and composer Alan Silvestri about bringing it into Broadway.

My Take: Well, Back to the Future 1 & 2 are among my favorite movies of all-time but really, a musical?   While it seems like the movie industry is becoming all about remaking movies, the Broadway theaters appear to want to adapt multiple movies in to musicals.  In all fairness, I actually happened to enjoy the Addams Family Musical (which was not based off the movie version, rather its own interpretation involving Wednesday getting older), I would possibly watch the musical if it were to come to Chicago.

·      Video Games: Konami has confirmed that their arcade beat-em up classic, The Simpsons Arcade Game, will be released today on Xbox Live Arcade and on February 7th on PlayStation Network.  If you are PlayStation Plus subscriber, you may download and play the game for free. It will include a 4-player mode, Quarters mode, a one-hit challenge similar to Contra, and players can unlock the Japanese version of the game.

My Take: It took 21 years, but it’s finally getting a home console release (via download)!!!!!!! I’m in preference of my PlayStation 3 over my Xbox 360 so I will opt to wait a few more days to pick it up, but you bet I will pick it up.  Next week I will own three pieces of my childhood arcade experience.  Now if they can bring WWF Wrestlefest it will be complete. Now if they can finally release the rare Captain Bucky O’Hare Arcade game, the Punch-Out Arcade game, and SegaSonic the Hedgehog available on any of the download services, I won’t need to ask for anymore arcade ports from the past. I will have owned and played all that I want to.

·      Wrestling: Confirmed on This Monday’s Edition of WWE Raw,  Former Boxer  “Iron” Mike Tyson will be inducted in this year’s celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.

My Take: There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding this induction.  People have been calling out the WWE for inducting a man who served three years in prison for rape, a man who has been accused of being a women beater, and a man who viciously bit a part of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a boxing match.  While I don’t condone any of Mike Tyson’s past actions, he is looked upon highly in the boxing world and has actually helped the WWE regain notoriety in their hard times during 1998.  He was recruited to act as special enforcer at the Wrestlemania 14 main event between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels.  His appearance at this PPV help increased the mainstream’s interest in pro wrestling (specifically the WWE’s) and help gained the growing star of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s popularity on a larger scale.  I believe his contribution to this very event justifies his worth. Especially when Drew Carey is in the celebrity wing for only appearing in a comedy bit during the 2001 Royal Rumble match.

·      Comics: From the National Post - A prequel to Alan Moore’s comic book series “The Watchmen” has officially been announced on Wednesday by DC Entertainment.  Despite Moore being against the idea of a continuation to his high selling comic books, DC is getting some new writers and artists for this series and will be continuing the series without Moore.  Back-stories of the main characters from the original Watchmen series are expected.

My Take: I have not read the original Watchmen.  I do like comic books quite a bit but I am far behind and while I like to read them from time to time, I have a large stack of my own that I need to get through.  Anyway, I have seen The Watchmen movie and for me personally, the only characters who I really enjoyed were Rorschach and The Comedian most of the other characters only somewhat had my interest or didn’t have mine at all, so unless I get to read some more back story about those two, I don’t have too much of a desire to pick up the prequel series.  Another part of this that would bother me as I know it does with many of the Watchmen comic book fans is the fact that the original creator is not involved with the series.  While it’s not a guaranteed to fail venture, lacking the original source of who created the series generally does lose some of the luster a production once had when handed to someone else who may have a completely different vision or is trying to match the original idea of the creator’s plan.  I wish DC luck.

This Week at The Movies
Now in 6 Words or less, my thoughts on the movies coming out this weekend!
·      Chronicle:  With Great Power Comes Tomfoolery.
·      Big Miracle: For me to pay for this.
·      The Innkeepers: Could be interesting.

So What Am I Doing?

Currently Playing:
·      Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Been slacking, but played a little this week.
·      Pushmo: This game is very addictive, I swear!
·      Word with Friends/Scramble With Friends: Oh Facebook games, you and me playing games involving letters and words with my friends.
·      DDR Supernova 2: Just bought the 2007 PS2 release and I love it! Ah-Ha’s Take On Me, Fat Boy Slim’s Funk Soul Brother, and just other catchy music.  I’m trying to run more but DDR will forever remain one of my favorite exercises.

Next Week, I plan to buy Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS and The Simpsons Arcade Game for PS3 like I reported in Da News.

·      Danny Phantom: Just finished the series! I really enjoyed it when it was on Nick, but I didn’t watch it that often.  For a show that ended when the creator wanted more episodes, I thought it wrapped up somewhat nicely and I thought the show had a very nice style and was entertaining. I hope I do Danny Phantom justice when I cosplay him at Anime Central.
·      Claymore: With Anime Central almost 2 months away, it’s time for me to get started on reconnecting with my anime.  A lot of my friends in Facebook-land tell me that this is a good series! I have watched the first episode and it’s very promising.  I always welcome a series with a strong female character.
·      WWE Monday Night Raw: This Monday’s Raw was excellent. While I gave the WWE Royal Rumble a good review (see here) I know there were disappointed watchers.  A lot of people thought this edition made up in a big way and I agree! Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk was an Internet wrestling fan’s wet dream!  I can not wait for these two to have a serious feud and more matches in the future.  Johnny Laurinaitis may not have been fired from HHH (and thankfully the PG rating came into play in a positive way by sparing a Kiss My Ass club segment), we got something to make up for the loss: The Return of The Undertaker!!! Seriously, there were no signs he was returning soon and I don’t remember any news on the pages I read reporting “The Undertaker will Return the Raw after Royal Rumble.” Honestly, it was a very nice surprise, although HHH vs. Undertaker Part 3 isn’t really the match I want to see at Wrestlemania this year. Should be a good bout though.
·      Impact Wrestling: I was very impressed with this week’s edition. Honestly, the show not being set in the Impact Zone was very pleasing, especially pleasing when they were with a loud London, England crowd in Wembley Stadium!  With this and their India promotion, Ring Ka King, I’m thinking Dixie Carter and gang should try to keep their show out of the United States or at least try to find areas where they can have a larger audience other than Orlando, Florida.  The show itself was very good as well. I only saw the last hour, but I really enjoyed seeing James Storm take on Robert Roode as well as Bully Ray in the main event.   TNA also continues to show that they have the superior women’s division with Tara vs. Gail Kim in a non-title match!
·      Currently in My Rental Queue: The Cell and Valkyrie.  Will give mini-reviews as soon as I watch them.

Please Help:
·      Some of you may have heard, but I am actually going to be participating in an MS Walk in Naperville, IL on May 6th as apart of the group Costumers With a Cause.  I am raising money to help find a cure and resources for finding the cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  I have personally donated $10 of my own money and am looking to reach a goal of $500.  I will be participating in the walk with fellow cosplayers and I will be participating in my Danny Phantom costume that is currently under construction. If you would like to help contribute towards my cause, please visit my official MS Walk Page.  In return for your donation, I will write you a personalized thank you either via direct mail or e-mail by whatever you choose. Just let me know either by my Facebook page or by my e-mail at Let me know who you are and how you would like the message.

·      Still need to continue more work on my Danny Phantom costume, but I have placed an order for a wig at the Arda Wig’s website. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting my wig until March. If it becomes too late, I will ask for a refund and have to try and buy one elsewhere.
·      23 More Days Until I visit Hawaii!
·      I have an idea what kind of a camcorder I want; I just want my Best Buy to get it in stock. I think I will buy one next week.
·      Giving this site a more personalized layout. I know that I need to stop being lazy. I should be getting a new version of Adobe Photoshop for my Mac soon.  Once I get the camera, I’m hoping to do more video posts for this site as well.
·      Need to do more art! Would like to post some here soon.
·      Signing up for the Chicago Marathon! I believe I shall after this post!

That’s all for this edition of STVO Universe. Please sound off here or on my Facebook page here Whether you’re an NFL fan or not, enjoy SuperBowl weekend! I am looking to see Chronicle this weekend, so I plan to do a full review!  Thank you all for your support of this page.

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