Monday, February 13, 2012

7 Women I Want As My Valentine

Valentine’s Day is here and there’s many mixed emotions going on. There are some happy couples ready to go out for a nice dinner and see a movie or perhaps stay at home to enjoy one another’s company. Some guys might be panicking because it’s the day is here and he waited until now (or found by reading this) that Valentine’s Day is today and needs to rush to the closest store to see what he can rummage for his sweetheart. Then there are several single men and women either dreading this day of mockery or perhaps trying to just ignore that it’s going on. Me? Well, while I am single and this has never really been my day, I’m not going to keep my head down. Instead, I’m looking for my own activities to do that night possibly with a couple friends and I think about the ideal woman I would like to meet.

With that said, let me tell you about 7 ideal women I would love to have as a date for Valentine’s Day. Each woman is from a different medium I enjoy and some aren’t physically tangible, but nonetheless they have some characteristics I like in a mate. I will be selecting one woman from each of the following: Video Games, Wrestling, Anime, TV (Live-Action), Comics, Movies (Live Action), and Music. So sit back and enjoy the ride as I tell you about seven lovely ladies.

1. Cammy from Super Street Fighter 2
Blond, strong, beautiful, and British. All very redeeming features of a gorgeous woman. She is a deadly but confused woman who can use a good man (where I come into play) in her life. You see, the American and Japanese versions of Street Fighter share two different stories of her. In the Japanese version of SSF2, she is supposedly an agent of the evil M. Bison but lost her memories while in battle. In the American version, she was once in a romantic relation with M. Bison but suffered from amnesia. Poor girl. Well, if Cammy were real, she could protect me from bad people while I can provide her a listening ear. Plus have you seen Cammy cosplayers?

2. AJ Lee from the WWE

24-year-old WWE Superstar is a very wonderful choice of a woman for me. She has the girl next-door vibe, loves video games & comic books, and is a dog-person. On top of that, she’s in my favorite sport (well fake sport) of the WWE. Unfortunately, the 5’3” beauty is currently dating (in story line) current World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. The man let her get run over by the over 500 pound Big Show last month and continues to put her in harms way! I would never do such a thing! AJ if you’re reading this, I’d say skip the tonight’s taping of Smackdown, fly out to O’Hare airport and I’ll take you out to the Cheesecake Factory and Gameworks.

WHOA! Okay Daniel, chill bro, I was kidding!

3. Haruko of Fooly Cooly
Here is another non-real and even non-human being. No, no, I’m not talking about an animal, but rather Haruko isn’t from planet Earth. What an amazing girl she is though. She rides a motorcycle, has pink hair, and can hit someone with a guitar onto his or her head that in time will release a robot out of their head! The only thing I question about her is why would she be hitting on a middle school boy when she is 19 years old??? Maybe on her planet that sort of stuff is legal, but this here is planet Earth. She can use an older guy in her life. I maybe older, but people have told me I act and think like a kid. Heck I will be cosplaying as one at this year’s Anime Central and have done so in the past.

4. 2nd Becky Connor from Roseanne

A lot of you are probably going to say, you like Roseanne? Well, yeah, as reluctant as I am sometimes to admit it, I think the show can be funny. For some reason as a kid, I was never fond of the first actress who played Becky (Lecy Goranson.) Is it just me, but when Sarah Chalke took over her role didn’t her character seem a lot sweeter? Also, no offense to Goranson, I happen to find Sarah Chalke more attractive as well. Honestly, some of the later episodes where Goranson and Chalke would take turn with the role. Sure Chalke’s version of Becky would get angry too but she seemed to not sound as angry as Goranson would. Let’s not forget that Sarah Chalke would also move onto the role of Dr. Elliott Reid on Scrubs, another character that would win my heart.

5. Harley Quinn of the Batman Franchise
Harley Quinn is a misunderstood woman. Originally a highly intelligent therapist (depending what series you’re viewing) she was manipulated by the criminal mind of the Joker. What can I say; lots of the good girls tend to go for the bad guys! Anyway, take a look at any variation of Harley Quinn, she’s hot, all her variations have a unique look, and she’s done something what several other characters made for TV couldn’t do: become a main story cannon character. Yes Harley Quinn is an evil lady, but she does evil so well! She carries a cartoonish hammer, she has a cute high-pitched voice, and she laughs so adorably after an evil heinous act is done. Could she turn me to the dark side? Er…. Uh… No! RISE ABOVE HATE!

6. Emmy Hasure from Mannequin

Jonathan Switcher AKA Andrew McCarthy was one lucky man in the 1987 movie Mannequin. When his life was looking down while working overnights as a stock boy at a clothing store, it starts to pick up in better ways both financially and romantically! This all goes thanks to a department store mannequin. Not just any mannequin, one that was formerly a princess in Ancient Egypt played by a young Kim Cattrall! Seriously, the movie may be corny, it was your typical cheesy 80s romantic comedy but it’s hilarious and I think most guys would love to be in that position! A swim suit model comes to life, thinks that despite your low paying job that you’re the best thing since sliced bread, and on top of that helps you go further in your career to vice president of such a large clothing store! Like they say, behind every great man, come a great woman, only this one is a princess turned mannequin. Yes, the critics hated the movie, but it did have a number one hit song featured in it:

7. Katy Perry
Really? Do I need to get into this one? She just broke it off with Russell Brand. Also look at her:

I rest my case.

That’s it for my Valentine’s Day desires. I hope whatever you choose to do today whether it’s sharing it with your loved one, searching for a Valentine, or polishing off a bottle of Jose Cuervo solo, be safe and have fun if you can! Also, be sure to check out the following:

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Now before I end this article, I would like to pay my respects to two people who passed away:

- Adam Adamowicz: The designer behind Fallout 3 and Skyrim. Truthfully, I never played either game but I always felt both had a great look to the games and I know many of my friends who love the games! Thank you Adam for your contributions in gaming and May you rest in peace!

- Whitney Houston: I don’t believe I need to explain who she is. I would like to share that I think she was a very talented woman and it’s a real shame she had to leave us behind at only age 48. My condolences to her friends, family, and fans alike. I will end this update with a video of likely her most iconic video of many.


  1. Nice list. Those ladies would all be up there for me as well. I wonder what they're doing for their own Valentine's Day... making lists of guys they'd wish to date? Who knows?

  2. Good choices all around! Have you seen Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, shes hot in that as well.

  3. Nice list- Three out of these are my idols. And future Cosplay ideas... Well- Becky can't be cosplayed...