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WWE Money in The Bank Predictions

My favorite secondary WWE PPV of the year is this Sunday and it features two ladder matches!  One ladder match contains a briefcase that allows the winner to cash in a contract for the WWE Championship (considered the biggest title of the company.) The other match contains a briefcase allowing the winner to cash in an opportunity for the World Heavyweight Championship (the company’s second biggest title.)  I will be honest in admitting while this PPV has impressed me the last two years, the episodes of WWE Raw leading into this event have been very weak and have not sold me on this PPV all too well.  I will get into it further in my predictions.  Fortunately, I think the World Heavyweight Championship ladder match might be enough to save the show.  Remember, if you need a place to watch the PPV, come join me and several other friends/WWE fans at Chicago City Limits in Schaumburg, IL this Sunday! More details here and be sure to RSVP!  Now onto the predictions!

WWE Money in the Bank YouTube Pre-Show Tag-Team Championship(?) Match – R-Truth/Kofi Kingston © vs. Hunico/Camacho: 
Okay, so running down the card as I usually do for the PPV, I always notice the WWE has the two world title matches in place as well as two other matches and maybe a YouTube Pre-Show match.  I know at the last PPV they determined the number one contenders for the tag-team championship with “The Prime Time Playas” of Titus O’Neil and Darren Young.  The team may not be technically the best in the ring but they did have a lot of charisma and were catching among fans of the Internet.  They even added the managerial services of A.W. (formerly Abraham Washington in what I believe was a further attempt to get them over.  They never got to cash-in their match opportunity and I guess no further explanation will be given. Oh WWE logic…

Anyway, I’m not likely catching the match because they don’t play the Pre-Show matches on the pre-PPV “buy this show before we start” shows for some reason as it’s usually just Scott Stanford recapping all the feuds before the show starts.  It’s okay as I’m not very enthusiastic for either tag-team (I like Kofi and Truth as individuals but I just can’t care about them as a team.)  With this said, Hunico/Camacho appear to just be jobbers that can’t convince me that the WWE want to do something better with them (but hey if Sgt. Slaughter or Hacksaw Jim Duggan come on TV, they’ll be guaranteed a squash on live TV!) all while Kofi/R-Truth are likely important to WWE but not important enough for a big program at this time.  So the thrown together tag-team will remain champions for another PPV in my mind!

Who I Want To Win: Kofi/R-Truth           Who Will Win: Kofi/R-Truth

World Heavyweight Championship MITB Ladder Match Featuring: Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Tensai, Santino Marella, Damien Sandow, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, and Cody Rhodes
I am definitely predicting this to be the match of the night and most likely the one most people will be into.  This is what the Money in the Bank ladder match is all about! There is a large amount of stars who have never been a world champion or even in the main event scene participating then there are a few stars such as Christian, Dolph Ziggler, and Cody Rhodes who have either held the world title (Christian did and Dolph Ziggler did it for… 30 minutes?) or have been in main event matches but are not regular main eventers.  Unlike the WWE Championship MITB, this one has a good mix of power wrestlers, high flyers, and good grapplers.  You also have your comedic relief with Santino Marella. I remember talking with a few friends on a wrestling forum I’m apart of saying that it would be cool to have Tyson Kidd apart of the match although I couldn’t see them doing it.  Fortunately he’s in it and I hope this might lead to better things for him in the future although I don’t see him winning the match by any means.

Who do I think will win? Well let’s do the process of elimination game: Damien Sandow has an opportunity for a good future, but I think it’s too early for him. Tyson Kidd may be on the verge of a push to bigger and better things, but again, too early.  Tensai lost to Tyson in a squash match and the WWE appears to be losing faith in him. Santino Marella is a comedy act. Sin Cara is a stunt man but not likely a regular main eventer.  This narrows it down to Christian, Dolph Ziggler, and Cody Rhodes.  There’s always a chance they could try to revitalize Christian back into the world title scene however he’s currently the Intercontinental Champion and Randy Orton is expected to return soon so I can’t see it being him.  Dolph Ziggler has been a main eventer a couple times through the past few years (and months) while Cody Rhodes sometimes makes appearances when it’s an event like the Elimination Chamber.  I’m going with Dolph Ziggler because everyone has been behind him (fans and backstage critics) for some time and I think this could be his ticket to finally stay on top of the game.  He’s a case where I think he doesn’t need the briefcase, but I can see the WWE just doing it anyway.   Either way, I can’t complain.

Who I Think Should Win: Either Dolph, Cody Rhodes, or Tyson Kidd (wishful thinking.)

Who Will Win: Dolph Ziggler

World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus © vs. Alberto Del Rio:
Honestly I have not been looking forward to this match since it was hinted to happen at WWE Over The Limit.  In fact, I think it’s been a sign from some force in nature (since I’m a believer, I’ll say God) that this match has been delayed twice on PPV.  First time it was made into a Fatal Four-Way, the second time Alberto Del Rio was injured and couldn’t compete so Dolph Ziggler filled in for him.  Personally, I think they should have continued the feud between Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler and award DZ the title all while trying to elevate a new star to win the WHC MITB briefcase.  Anyway, that’s not what is happening so I’ll discuss the match.  I don’t necessarily hate Alberto Del Rio however I feel his character has been stale for sometime now.  The whole rich man coming to the ring with a car thing was fun for a while but that’s all he does. He is also limited in the ring. Sheamus is a good competitor but I just don’t see these two blending that well together.  Honestly, I couldn’t see Alberto winning the title that is unless he loses it in the same night! Sheamus has been a good champion but I think it’s time for a change. It’s a gutsy prediction but here it goes!  Sheamus loses this match because Ricardo Rodriguez does some kind of a distraction to cause him to be pinned by Alberto Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio celebrates his newly won World Heavyweight Championship in the ring but out comes Dolph Ziggler to cash-in his Money in the Bank and make quick work of Alberto Del Rio to become the new World Heavy Weight Championship.

Who Do I Want To Win: Sheamus or a Money in the Bank Winner

Who Will Win: Alberto Del Rio will win then Money in the Bank Winner (Dolph Ziggler) Will Cash-In

WWE Championship Match with Special Guest Referee AJ Lee – CM Punk © vs. Daniel Bryan:
Raw has been horrible the last three weeks to be brutally honest.  This storyline is one of the few shining moments but it is beginning to run its course as well.  I am really enjoying that the WWE is trying to put over a WWE Diva and what better Diva but AJ Lee. She’s pretty, she has nerdy attributes, and she has the definite girl next-door vibe that any guy would love. This while we have two great competitors in CM Punk and Daniel Bryan who tore up the house at WWE Over The Limit.  AJ has been playing a lot of games with both men leading up to this match as she has proposed marriage, kissed them, and one time put both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan through a table after teasing giving herself harm by acting like she was going to jump through the table.  There is no doubt this will be a good match however I do wonder how much horseplay will occur with AJ “the crazy hot chick” being involved in this match.  Anyway, I think something needs to develop in this match by AJ either permanently aligning with one of the two or having this feud come to an end.  I’m predicting CM Punk will come out as champion and that’s fine, however what I would prefer is for Daniel Bryan to get his first WWE championship. How so? By having AJ Lee screw over Punk and aligning her full-time with Daniel Bryan once again.  It has been proven even the best girls do align with the worst guys in real life; why not make it happen in the WWE? Anyway I want Daniel Bryan to win to change things up but predict CM Punk will continue his impressive title reign.

Who I Want To Win: Daniel Bryan

Who Will Win: CM Punk

WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match Featuring John Cena, The Big Show, Kane, and Chris Jericho:

My predicted main event of the night and the first time the Money in the Bank match actually main events the PPV.  In my personal opinion, this is just a big waste of the Money in the Bank match.  This is the kind of a match that should help build future stars or even help re-establish stars lacking from the Main Event.  The only one who I think could benefit from this is The Big Show but honestly, I don’t like him as a heel and haven’t for some time.  Kane has already won Money in the Bank, Chris Jericho has done so much in the WWE, and John Cena is the top star. Despite the Big Show not being as powerful a main eventer as he was at other points, he still has held multiple world championships.  Honestly, if we were going to have a former world champions Money in the Bank, it should be with people such as The Miz, Christian, Jack Swagger, and others who have either moved down the card, only held the title once, or has had a sham title reign (something like Dolph Ziggler’s 30 minute title reign.)  Anyway, I think John Cena is the clear-cut winner.  My prediction is he will win the Money in the Bank and announce he is cashing it in Boston for WWE Night of Champions on September 16th (mark the calendar, it’s my birthday folks!) He’ll be the first Money in the Bank winner since Rob Van Dam to not cheaply cash it in.  I just can’t see any reason for the Big Show or Kane to win the briefcase and I could only see one reason for Chris Jericho: to be the first winner ever to cash in the briefcase and lose!

Who I Want To Win: Wade Barrett to injure Big Show and come in! AKA Not happening.

Who Will Win: John Cena

That’s all for my WWE Money in the Bank Predictions! Please be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more updates! Also if you can make it out, come join others and myself this Sunday at Chicago City Limits in Schaumburg, IL to watch Money in the Bank!

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