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STVO Wire #1 (1/19/12)

Hello everyone, STVO here.  Welcome to the first edition of STVO Wire.  Right here I’m in the experimental phases of this here little blog. My plans for now are to make this a news/opinion piece, give some mini-reviews of TV/games/etc. I’m watching/playing, and let you all know of upcoming events. So, let’s begin with today’s news….

·      First off, as apart of the Anti-SOPA movement, I refrained from updating my site on Wednesday.  For more details about SOPA and what effects it will have on the internet if it passes, please read this link:

·      Video Games: From (
THQ of Australia has responded to the rumors that the company was cancelling their 2014 line-up of games and was planning to put the company up for sale. They will be reducing their releases for their child demographic and were pleased with sales of titles such as WWE ’12 and Saints Row: The Third.

My Take: While our current economy has witnessed the closure of many different businesses including Borders Group Inc., former video game developer/publisher Midway, etc., I was under belief that THQ was doing fine with releases of titles such as UFC, WWE, their Nickelodeon line of titles, Saints Row, and the Darksiders.  I personally haven’t purchased a THQ title since WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009; I have many friends that happen to enjoy the WWE titles, UFC titles, and even the Saints Row series.

I have heard much praise for the first Darksiders title and am intrigued by the trailer I have seen for the second title.  Honestly, if THQ can continue releasing their WWE, UFC, and other mature titles such as Saints Row and Darksiders, I think the sales will improve and they may be able to improve their reputation as a developer/publisher.

·      Video Games: From (
As of 1/17/12 and 1/23/12, Sony is holding a sale known as the “12 in 12” on their online PlayStation Network store.  Below is a list of the following titles. The first price is the original price, the second price is the 30% off price you’ll receive, and the third price is the 50% off you will save if you’re a PlayStation Plus Member:

My Take: Honestly, nothing on this list stands out for me particularly. While I like the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat titles, I’m not a big enough fighting game fan to rush online and purchase either title.  IGN gave a few of these titles high recommendations, personally I’m just passing this story as tips for friends/readers who may want to purchase some cheap titles.

·      Video Games: From (
Kid Icarus Uprising to include a free stand for your 3DS system.  Reports from people that have played early copies of this title have reported discomfort while playing this title, so Nintendo has responded by including a stand with the American release.

My Take: As someone highly anticipating the release of this title, I am pleased that this stand is free.  This also draws a little concern for me as how unprepared Nintendo has seemed with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS.  While sales in Japan and even America have started to improve recently, the news of them releasing this stand as well as the upcoming circle pad add-on have shown that maybe Nintendo should have waited before launching the Nintendo 3DS so early. For those unaware, the circle pad add-on is going to be a camera stick add-on that will allow gamers to use a camera stick to control the camera in titles and will make it easier for developers to handle issues of where it is placed in their games.  In the past, developers such as Nintendo and Sony have had to create add-ons for previous systems to improve gameplay experience, but in my opinion, a few of these should have been ready from the start of the launch. Either way, as long as Kid Icarus is a fun title and the stand prevents me from getting nausea, I’ll be satisfied.

·      Wrestling: From
STAMFORD, Conn., January 17, 2012 – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE (NYSE:WWE) has suspended Matthew Korklan (Evan Bourne®) for 60 days effective Tuesday, January 17 for his second violation of the company’s policy.

My Take: Really?!? Former WWE tag-team champion Evan Bourne has received his second Wellness violation in about two months!!! This is real bad! There have been prior reports that he was also getting flack for complaining about things in the company via Twitter and that Paul Levesque (HHH, a top man behind the scenes) is also not into him as a talent. With his two suspensions, not only are things looking bad for him, but they have also begun to look bad for the WWE tag-team division as well as his tag-team partner Kofi Kingston.  While I haven’t seen Matthew Korklan’s work as Matt Sydal in TNA, ROH, Dragon Gate USA, or the Indies, he has always impressed me since his debut on the now-defunct WWE-ECW brand.  I always thought he put on some amazing matches and would always go crazy when I would see him use his finisher the Air Bourne. Unfortunately for him, I don’t think good things are coming for him in WWE. I think he should consider asking for a release and perhaps consider a return to either TNA or ROH.

This Week At The Movies

Now in 6 Words or less, my thoughts on the movies coming out this weekend!

·      Underworld Awakening: Haven’t seen the first 3.
·      Haywire: Hay! Hay! Hay! Looks kinda cool.

·      Coriolanus: Pretty badass for Shakespeare.

·      Red Tails: Another good-looking movie this week!
·      Flowers of War: Damn, is this war week?

For the heck of it, I decided to look up if there was anything in relation to war this week, you will find some interesting piece of information pertaining to World War 2 on January 20th here.

So What Am I Doing?

Currently Playing:
·      Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Without giving too much spoilers, I am headed towards the third dungeon of the game.  I just recently completed a side mission saving a little girl and it was pretty humorous.
·      Pushmo: I know a few of you might be asking me “What is Pushmo?” Well, Pushmo is a strategic puzzle game for the Nintendo 3DS from the eShop where you play as a character who looks like Waddle Dee from the Kirby titles and is wearing a sumo thong! Yes, it is a little disturbing while you play, but it is very fun. The environments of the game are kind of a mix between Kirby’s Dreamland (especially the Waddle Dee looking characters) mixed with Katamari Damacy. The objective of the game is to find the missing children of the village by pulling and pushing these flat platforms and jumping up each one to find each said child.  For only $6.99 (before tax), you really can’t go wrong with this game!

·      Hannibal: Haven’t watched yet but have it rented.  I’ll post my thoughts soon.
·      Modern Family: Watched the Wednesday night edition, pretty funny show. Might have to try and watch more. I thought it was very funny when the gay couple’s daughter was cursing at the church.
·      WWE Monday Night Raw: Pretty good show this week. I really loved the opening promo featuring Mick Foley/Dolph Ziggler/CM Punk.  The main event was highly entertaining with Jericho being apart of the match but walking out. I also enjoyed that Mick Foley joined the match at the end as well.  Brodus Clay cracked me up again this week.  On the downside, I didn’t like how slammed Jack Swagger against John Cena (though it may be apart of him embracing the hate.) He just won the US title from Zack Ryder and I think it just made the United States title look like nothing. I was very thankful that Perez Hilton was only on the show briefly.

·      Hoping to Start My Danny Phnatom Costume in my next two days off.  I’m going to explore some local wig shops and if I don’t find anything, I may just order online.
·      Next month, I’m going to Hawaii for my cousin’s wedding! I will be in the Maui area!  Now to book a rental car.
·      Operation: Buy a video/photo camera very soon!
·      Fundraising Page: I’ll be posting more details soon. I am going to be participating in a walk for MS, and my goal is to raise $500! I have already donated $10 of my own money and will do more if I need to come closer to the date, but I need your help!

That’s all for this edition of STVO Universe. Please sound off here or on my Facebook page here I’m hoping to post some more lists soon and hopefully a video within the next month. Until next week, Take Care!

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